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Q: Is the Ely Maya Brush Shampoo an effective brush cleaner?

Absolutely! Our Brush Shampoo is made with a balanced formula which cleans and conditions in a very effective manner. The formula contains fine natural oils and antibacterial properties.

Q: How many washes do I get out of a 2oz. jar?

Hundreds of times, however the size of your brush or beauty sponge will take an important part in the amount of washes you can do.

Q: What is the best way to use the brush shampoo?

We suggest not to run the tap water right on the cleaner for a long period of time. This is because the more water you run on the cleaner, the more the cleaner is activated and dissolved.

Q: Is the Ely Maya Brush Shampoo safe on my sensitive skin?

The Ely Maya Brush Shampoo has been tested on several types of skin, including sensitive skin. If you rinse your brushes or beauty sponges well when washing them, there should be no brush cleaner residue on the tool. Reactions are usually caused by the materials used to make makeup tools.

Q: How do I clean the makeup residue left on my Ely Maya Brush Shampoo lid?

Simply rinse off the lid of the brush cleaner with water and tilt the jar to let the water drip off.

Q: How do I store my Ely Maya brush shampoo?

You can leave the jar uncapped facing down to let it dry. While your brushes dry, put the cap back on the brush cleaner and store anywhere you like away from direct sun light.

Q: What scents do you currently have?

Our first brush cleaner was Unscented, we then created Lavender, Lemon Grass, Champagne Rose and Unicorn. During the Christmas Holidays we release Candy Cane Peppermint. We frequently are thinking of new and fun scent ideas.



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